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Walkthrough: BLE CTF

This CTF has been in my todo list for a good while, finally I had the time to solve it and to publish a walkthrough article on it! The challenge is available at: https://github.


Email spoofing 101

Email spoofing is a technique mostly linked to malicious activities including phishing and spamming. From a formal(ish) standpoint, email spoofing is the act of sending an email with a forged sender address.


Walkthrough: CryptoHack CTF

Recently I’ve been meaning to get into cryptography more seriously, and to be honest I’ve also been postponing it for a while too, so I figured it was time I wrote this article to get motivated!


Analysis of a Remote Control

A couple of days ago I found some old remote controls around the house and decided it was time to take out my old RTL-SDR and put it to good use.


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